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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 10/15/2013  
Subject:    Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan Update - Award Consultant Contract
Presenter: Mark Palmer
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Authorize the City Manager to execute a contract with BHC Consultants, LLC in the amount of $345,238, for the purpose of updating the Sanitary Sewer System Comprehensive Plan.
In accordance with state law, the City is required to have a working sanitary sewer plan to provide a long-term strategy for guiding future growth and managing the City's wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal systems.
The original wastewater comprehensive plan was adopted in 1985. Since then, most updates to the plan have been accomplished by individual amendments and/or studies of specific sewer basins. In 1997, the plan was updated to address necessary upgrades to the Water Pollution Control Plant. In 2006, a comprehensive update to the wastewater plan was undertaken, but the plan was not finalized due to significantly changed conditions and information. It was determined that the changes needed to address these changed conditions were beyond the scope of a revision to current draft plan.

This update of the wastewater comprehensive plan will include elements required by the Department of Ecology. It will also integrate previous plans and studies including recent flow monitoring data collected by the City for its Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) analysis. Upon completion, the sanitary sewer comprehensive plan will describe the City's wastewater system, identify deficiencies, plan for future expansion of the system within the service area, prioritize capital improvements, and provide a multi-year plan to achieve desired service levels.

The City advertised for interested firms to submit statement of qualifications in June 2013. A six-member committee evaluated, scored, and ranked  each SOQ and shortlisted two firms to interview. After the interview process, BHC Consultants, LLC was selected and staff entered into negotiations with this consultant to identify the scope and budget for the work.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
On December 4, 2006, Council awarded a contract to Gray & Osborne, Inc. to update the 1997 Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan.
On September 6, 2011, Council awarded a contract to ADS, LLC to conduct an inflow and infiltration study on the City's sewer system.
Summary of Proposal
This work will describe the City’s sanitary sewer service area, identify system deficiencies, provide guidance for management and system expansion, support future operation and maintenance activities, optimize wastewater treatment costs, and provide a multi-year plan to achieve desired service levels. It will evaluate the overall state of the sanitary sewer system and integrate previous sanitary sewer plans, studies, maintenance logs and reports, and completed sewer projects.
The work will utilize flow monitoring data collected by the City to calibrate and update the existing sewer hydraulic model. Based on the results of the updated hydraulic model, the consultant will assess the capacity of each individual sewer basin collection system and recommend future projects that would relieve any system deficiencies in level of service. The end product will prioritize six-year, 20-year, and build-out capital improvement projects on the basis of zoning, projected growth, regulatory requirements, project cost, and system benefit.
1.  Approve the Professional Services Contract with BHC Consultants, LLC in the amount of $345,238.00.  Approval will provide the City with an up-to-date strategy for managing the maintenance and future improvements of the wastewater system.

2.  Do not approve the professional services contract with BHC Consultants, LLC and direct staff to continue using the existing sanitary sewer comprehensive plan and associated studies and amendments. Continued use of the existing plan, however, would not reflect the city-wide flow data completed last year which may result in monies being spent on obsolete or unnecessary  CIP projects . The city would further risk improperly sizing new projects due to recently-annexed areas not being accurately portrayed in the existing plan.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted: 350,000
Bid Amount: 345,238
City Funding Needed for Project: 345,238
Funds from Other Sources: N/A
Ongoing Staff Costs: N/A
Fiscal Impacts:
The wastewater utility will fund this project.
SS Comp Plan Scope
SS Comp Plan Budget
SS Comp Plan Schedule
PSA - BHC Consultants

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