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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 02/04/2014  
Subject:    Adjustments to On-street Parking Zones
Presenter: Colleen Harris
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Conduct second reading of an ordinance adding timed parking zones between 7th and 6th Street NW on the north side of West Stewart; between 3rd and 4th Street SW along the north side of West Meeker; eliminating a timed parking zone between West Meeker and West Pioneer along the west side of 4th Street SW; and establishing a city police vehicle only parking zone between West Meeker and West Pioneer along the west side of 4th Street SW.
A property owner approached the city to request four-hour parking (with an exemption for residential parking permits) for a block of residential properties on West Stewart. This type of zone is common in residential areas with high volumes of on-street commuter parking. The request was reviewed by Traffic Engineering and approved for the north side of W. Stewart between 6th and 7th Streets NW. In addition to reviewing the site, the Traffic Engineer also spoke with the store owner on the block to ensure there would be no conflicts with the business. The store owner was told that his customers and delivery drivers could use the on-street parking for up to four hours, and he expressed no objection to the change.

Engineering and the City Police Department also recommends designating the north side of West Meeker between 3rd and 4th Streets SW as a four-hour residential zone. Previously, parking was not allowed on the north side of the street, but with recent widening of West Meeker (as part of the 3rd Street SW improvements project) the roadway width is adequate to allow parking on the north side as well.

Finally, the City Police Department recommends removing the residential parking designation along the west side of 4th Street SW between West Meeker and West Pioneer in order to accommodate police vehicles only.

Parking zone restrictions are contained in the Puyallup Municipal Code and thus any changes must be adopted by ordinance. 

City staff presented Council with the ordinance addressing the changes to West Stewart and West Meeker at the January 7, 2014 meeting. Council approved first reading, however asked that staff further research the parking along West Stewart in response to a citizen comment about the potential impact to emergency services staff. The Puyallup Police Department is supportive of this change as is noted in the attached memorandum from Deputy Chief Dave McDonald to City Manager Bill McDonald.

Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
On January 7, 2014, the Puyallup City Council approved first reading of the ordinance but requested staff to further research the proposal for West Meeker due to a citizen concern about impact to the emergency services staff. The Puyallup Police Department is supportive of this addition to the downtown parking permit program.
Summary of Proposal
The proposal is to revise the parking management plan for the downtown area by adding two additional timed parking areas and removing one area to create additional on-street parking for Puyallup Police vehicles as described.
Council could take the following options:
  • Approve second reading of the ordinance as presented
  • Take no action

Fiscal Impact
Puyallup PD Parking Memo

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