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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 09/03/2013  
Subject:    Project Acceptance: Porous Alley Initiative: 6th Ave SW & Wilson Drive NW
Presenter: Mark Palmer
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Approve and accept the work completed by RS Underground to construct porous alleys on 6th Avenue SW & Wilson Drive NW.
Following completion of the design phase by the City in May of 2013, the City Council awarded a contract to RS Underground on June 4th to construct retrofits to 6th Avenue SW and Wilson Drive NW as part of the grant-funded Porous Alley Initiative project.

The Porous Alley Initiative project was developed in response to a grant opportunity to retrofit alleys and approved residential streets with porous asphalt. The 6th Avenue SW retrofit, located in the 1700 block, was the first location completed as part of the project. The project removed 660 linear feet of deteriorating asphalt which had been cut and patched from utility work in 2012, adding to the poor condition of the roadway. The street was retrofit with porous asphalt that serves to correct stormwater issues and create a restored roadway surface.

Wilson Drive NW included retrofit of the eastern half of the road which was in poor condition due to raveling of the pavement and pothole and utility patches. The project replaced 440 linear feet of Wilson Drive NW with porous asphalt, correcting stormwater issues and restoring the roadway surface. During the project two side sewers were replaced with ductile iron after having been found in poor condition, with one completely detached from the sanitary sewer.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
06/04/2013 - CCA awarded the contract to RS Underground to construction the 6th Avenue SW & Wilson Drive NW Porous Alley Initiative project retrofits

08/14/2013 - CCA accepted a Department of Ecology grant for the Porous Alley Initiative in the amount of $665.000 with a 25% match requirement
Summary of Proposal

All work has been completed in accordance with the provisions of the standard specifications and special provisions for the type of construction involved. Upon Council acceptance, the one-year warranty period will commence.


Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted: 232,410
Bid Amount: 190,010
City Funding Needed for Project: 33,824
Funds from Other Sources: 164,146
Ongoing Staff Costs: N/A*
Fiscal Impacts:
The final contract amount was $197,970, based on executed change orders to account for unforeseen issues including deteriorated side sewer connections on Wilson Drive NW.

Funding for this contract included two Ecology grants, previously accepted by the City Council, and Stormwater funds. Approximately $62,600 of grant funds did not require any match, while $135,295 required a 25% cash match.

*There are no new ongoing staff costs to maintain this project. Existing street sweeping activities envelope all necessary regular maintenance of the porous asphalt surface.
Before: 6th Avenue SW
After: 6th Avenue SW
Before: Wilson Drive NW
After: Wilson Drive NW

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