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Design Review and Historic Preservation Board 
5th Floor, Room 504 
333 South Meridian, Puyallup
September 5, 2013
4:00 p.m. 

  Consideration of the Minutes from May 16, 2013
1.   Sound Transit Access Improvements Project - 15 minutes
Sound Transit is in the midst of a Station Access Improvement planning effort to identify potential capital projects in and around the Puyallup Sounder Station which would aid commuter access. A Sound Transit representative will give a brief presentation to provide more information on this overall process and will also ask the Board to identify one member to participate in an upcoming "Stakeholder Roundtable" to provide community input to this study.
2.   Historic Preservation Brochures - 15 minutes
In 2012, the City was awarded a grant from the Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation to research, design and produce two full-color brochures on historic preservation related subjects in the City of Puyallup. Those brochures have now been completed and staff will be working to distribute them to relevant interest groups and make them available electronically. At this September 5th meeting, staff will provide final copies of the brochures for the Board members and discuss ideas for distribution.
3.   Historic Preservation Recognition Award - 20 minutes
A few years ago (late 1990's through mid-2000's), the City, in partnership with other local organizations, co-administered an annual historic preservation award which was tied to "National Historic Preservation Month" in May. Under that program, nominations were accepted each year to recognize noteworthy local preservation and restoration efforts. The awards program has been inactive in recent years. As requested by one of your Board members, staff will present background information about the awards program and discuss with the Board whether there is a desire to reestablish this program.
4.   Downtown Design Guideline revisions - 30 minutes
Review of draft revisions to the adopted Downtown Design Guidelines
5.   Downtown Character - 30 minutes
Further deliberation on the topic of Downtown Character.
The complete Design Review and Historic Preservation Board meeting packets, including attachments, are available for review on the City’s website at: http://www.cityofpuyallup.org/agendas/agenda_publish.cfm#ReturnTo0

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