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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 06/18/2013  
Subject:    Multi-residential Zoning
Presenter: Bill McDonald
Department: City Clerk's Office  

Recommended Action
This Agenda Item is a Council discussion on the subject of the Multi-Family Residential Zone adjacent to the historic downtown. Council may direct staff to provide more information for a future Agenda.
The south and east fringe of downtown is currently zoned muti-family residential (RM). There is a concern that the affect of the zone is to facilitate the aggregation of single family properties into parcels which are converted to apartment complexes. The ambiance of the residential zone is allegedly diminished when a significant number of single family home lots are converted  to apartment uses.

If the desire is for those areas to be single-family residential in character for the long-term, then the most direct approach would be a Comp. Plan/zoning map change to convert them to one of the City's single-family (RS) zone districts. The City Council can initiate a Comp Plan amendment or a zone change.

An alternative action would be a zoning text code amendment to revise the allowable uses or other standards of an RM zone. City Council may also direct the Planning Commission to consider a code text change.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
This is the initial discussion on this item. The subject was proposed by the Deputy Mayor.  The desired outcome for this meeting would be direction to staff on whether this item should be further investigated.
Summary of Proposal

Council review the subject of the Multi-family Residential zone adjacent to downtown and decide if staff should come back with more information, or a specific proposal for the Planning Commission to consider.

The Council may decide the current zoning has not resulted in negative impacts and leave it in place. or

The Council may decide that the current zoning may work better with some adjustments to code language. or

The Council may wish to refer the subject to the Planning Commission with a request for a recommendation. or

The Council may initiate a Comp Plan or zoning code text amendement.

Fiscal Impact

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