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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 06/04/2013  
Subject:    Right-of-Way Vacation - 5th Street SW, between 30th Ave SW & 31st Ave SW
Presenter: Mark Palmer
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Conduct a public hearing and thereafter approve first reading of an ordinance vacating a portion of 5th Street SW in the vicinity of State Route 512, subject to conditions.
The area proposed for vacation lies within the 5th Street SW right-of-way and is internal to the petitioner’s properties. As shown on the attached map, this requested vacation is for a portion of the street which currently dead-ends at SR-512. The petitioner intends to integrate the property into a future site application that will be in conformance with the current OP (Professional Office) zoning.  Approval of this vacation would relieve the City from maintenance responsibility and will provide the petitioner with additional site plan flexibility.

The proposed area to be vacated lies south of the north property line of parcel 0419041014 a distance of 376.17’ to the right-of-way.

A copy of the appraisal prepared by SH&H Valuation and Consulting has been placed in the Council's shared office on the 5th floor for your review.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
On May 7, 2013, Council approved  a resolution setting the date for this public hearing.
Summary of Proposal
Hold a public hearing and approve first reading of an ordinance granting a requested street vacation of unused right-of-way on 5th Street SW.
Staff recommends approving this right-of-way vacation subject to conditions as described in the attached staff report, including payment of 100% of the appraised value.

Alternatively, Council could approve the right-of-way vacation subject to alternative conditions as determined by it, or deny the vacation petition and retain the property as public right-of-way.

Fiscal Impact
Staff Report
Exhibit A Legal Description
Exhibit B Legal Exhibit Map
Exhibit C Site Map
Exhibit D Annexation Ordinance
Exhibit E Public Utility Comments
Exhibit F Private Utility Comments
Exhibit G Petition

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