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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 05/21/2013  
Subject:    Approve and Award a contract to Northwest Remodel & Design for the 2013 Clarks Creek Elodea Management
Presenter: Mark Palmer
Department: Public Works  

Recommended Action
Approve and award a contract to Northwest Remodel & Design in an amount not to exceed $105,570 for the 2013 Clarks Creek Elodea Management work, and authorize the City Manager to execute the contract substantially in a form as approved by the City Attorney.
Excessive native elodea growth within the lower reaches of Clarks Creek has contributed to problems in and around the creek for at least 20 years. The 2012 mechanical harvesting of the elodea was the last under the most-recent Hydraulic Project Approval from Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, as well as the last under the City’s Conditional Use Permit. The City has applied for a new HPA and Conditional Use Permit for in-stream work in 2013-2018.

Following Council and staff discussions, a facilitated Task Force was formed to examine past elodea management practices and determine a future course of action to better manage elodea issues in Clarks Creek. The Task Force ultimately arrived at consensus solutions for both short- and long-term projects that may be effective at reducing the overall presence of elodea in Clarks Creek. During a February 2013 meeting, Council reviewed the Task Force's recommendation and concurred on short- and long-term solutions outlined by the Task Force as summarized below:

Short-term - Diver-Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) for removal of elodea. In 2013 only, enhanced mechanical cutting will be used as a back-up to the DASH efforts, to ensure the entire project area is adequately cleared of elodea growth as in historically-typical years. Use of enhanced mechanical cutting will be determined based on the rate of progress and area covered by the DASH method. Also included in 2013 is the removal of accumulated rocks that have been pushed into the creek under the 56th Street E and Stewart Avenue bridges by vandals over the years. 

These 2013 activities were bid as one project under a single contract. This contractor will serve as the general contractor to oversee all elements of the 2013 work, sub-contacting where needed to complete each item.

Performance and inspection standards have been defined for the contractor in the project manual to ensure adequate removal of the elodea material is achieved, within the allowable in-water work window as described in the HPA permit from WA Fish & Wildlife.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
Clarks Creek elodea management has been before Council nearly every year since 1991. Some of the most recent Council actions on elodea management have been:

May 3, 2011: Award of a contract to Boettcher & Sons, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $101,058 for the Clarks Creek Weed cutting in 2011 (contract for 2011 & 2012, but can only award in current budget year).

June 13, 2011: Consideration of the request from the Puyallup Tribe concerning Clarks Creek weed cutting and related issues, and authorization to the City Manager to act in accordance with Council direction.

June 28, 2011: Resolution authorizing the submittal of a letter to the Puyallup Tribe of Indians relative to the City's commitment to elodea weed control in Clarks Creek.

June 5, 2012: Award of the 2012 Clarks Creek Weed Cutting contract to Boettcher & Sons, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $101,058.

August 14, 2012: Approval and acceptance of the work completed by Boettcher & Sons Inc. on the 2012 Clarks Creek Weeding Project.

January 8, 2013: Clarks Creek Elodea Task Force Review and Acceptance

February 19, 2013: Approve Interagency Agreement with Pierce County for Clarks Creek Elodea Management

March 19, 2013: Approve sole-source purchase of specially-designed DASH boats to complete Task Force-recommended eldoea removal for 2013 forward.
Summary of Proposal
Staff recommends that Council award a contract for the 2013 Clarks Creek Elodea Management work to Northwest Remodel & Design as the low bidder for the project.
Pursuant to the public works laws of Washington State, the City sought competitive bids for this project and three contractors submitted bids. After staff review of the bids, Northwest Remodel & Design was determined to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. This project will provide for work performed in an effort to manage elodea growth in a three-mile section of Clarks Creek. The work will include Diver-Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH), removal of accumulated rocks under the 56th Street E and Stewart Avenue E bridges, and potentially provide mechanical cutting and harvesting as an alternate bid item in the event that the contractor does not complete the DASH work within the allowable in-water work window.

Funding for this project is provided by both City of Puyallup Stormwater funds as well as Pierce County through a previously-accepted interagency agreement.

Fiscal Impact
Amount Budgeted: 250,000
Bid Amount: 105,571
City Funding Needed for Project: 52,785.50
Funds from Other Sources: 52.785.50
Ongoing Staff Costs: 0
Fiscal Impacts:
Based on an existing interagency agreement, Pierce County will reimburse the City for 50% of the annual cost of the Clarks Creek Elodea Management work, up to $100,00. The remaining contract amount will be paid for from existing Stormwater Fund-budgeted monies for this project.

The Bid Amount indicated above includes DASH in "Target Areas" identified by the City and the Clarks Creek Task Force as the areas of focus for the 2013 DASH effort. These "Target Areas" include 7,750 linear feet of the 3-mile project area. If, upon completion of these areas, time remains in the fish window for in-water work, the City may elect to award bid Alternate A - DASH in remaining areas. This would include the remaining 8,000 linear feet of creek not included in the "Target Areas". However, if not enough time remains in the fish window for in-water work, the City may elect to award bid Alternate B - Mechanical Cutting for the remaining areas.

On July 11, 2013 the City will review the progress of the Contractor to make a determination of whether or not the Contractor will be able to complete the base bid work in the allowable fish window for in-water work as well as make an assessment of the water levels in the creek and analyze whether they have receeded to an acceptable level.

The high-cost scenario for this project would be if the City awarded Alternate A - DASH in remaining areas. Below are listed the Alternate Bid amount, including sales tax, submitted by the low-bidder, Northwest Remodel & Design:

Alternate A - DASH in remaining areas: $53,606
Alternate B - Mechanical Cutting: $49,777
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