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City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 03/19/2013  
Subject:    Approve Amendments to the Existing Puyallup Municipal Code 5.34
Presenter: Bryan Jeter
Department: Police Department  

Recommended Action
Conduct first reading of an ordinance that repeals and reenacts Puyallup Municipal Code chapter 5.34, which regulates special events.
The City Clerk’s Office processed 31 special event applications in 2011 and 39 special event applications in 2012 under the current Puyallup Municipal Code. The PMC section regulating parades, athletic events, and other special events is nearly 20 years old. Aside from an amendment in 2000 which added an appeal provision to the ordinance, the City’s processing of special events permits has largely remained unchanged during this time, although the nature and complexity of the requests staff receives for special event permits has changed over time. For example, in the last two years, the City Clerk and other City departments received a request to close Pioneer Park and the streets surrounding it on a major holiday, as well as several requests to host 5k and 10K races throughout the city.

Due to the number of formal and informal inquires received by staff regarding large scale special events, staff began reviewing the current ordinance and found several deficiencies as written. Some of the deficits include that the ordinance only regulates events occurring on public streets or right-of-ways, does not establish provisions for individuals wishing to express their views under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, does not allow adequate time for the City to review special event requests, and does not have clearly established procedures for recovering City costs related to special events.

After identifying the deficiencies, staff examined several options for addressing each item. The proposed changes PMC 5.34 would: clearly define when a special event permit would be required, establish a reasonable period for review, and create mechanisms for recovering the true cost to the City when accommodating special events.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
There has been no prior discussion on this item.
Summary of Proposal
The existing Puyallup Municipal Code dealing with special events is nearly 20 years old. The current ordinance does not have the mechanisms in place to address the complexity of the events that are being proposed by event applicants. The reenacted ordinance is designed to provide the necessary legislative authority to effectively manage special events.
A decision to not proceed with these changes at this time would have the potential of creating conflict when approving/denying permits. Further, the City could bear the expense of managing these special events with no authority to collect the compensation needed to reimburse the City for expenditures incurred.

Fiscal Impact
Revised ordinance

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