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AI- 3960   9.    
City Council Agenda
Meeting Date: 10/01/2013  
Subject:    Acceptance of donation for minor roof repair to Cornforth-Campbell building
Presenter: Deke Jones
Department: Facilities  

Recommended Action
Accept a non-monetary donation of labor and materials from D&M Construction valued at $1,000.
D&M Construction has offered to make minor, limited repairs to the "showroom" roof section of the Cornforth-Campbell Building to alleviate roof leaks which affect the interior space currently occupied by the non-profit entity Friends and Servants of the YMCA.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
Summary of Proposal
D&M Construction has offered a non-monetary donation of labor and materials to repair a section of roof on the Cornforth-Campbell Building.
Council could opt to decline to accept this non-monetary donation.

Fiscal Impact
D&M Donation

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