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SS- 4160   3.    
City Council Study Session
Meeting Date: 01/14/2014  
Subject:    Development Moratorium in the Shaw-East Pioneer Area
Department: City Council  

Recommended Action
Conduct second reading of an ordinance imposing a moratorium with respect to the acceptance or processing of any and all land use or building applications or plans, or issuance of permits, and approvals in the General Commercial (CG), Shaw-Pioneer Community Mixed-Use (CMX), and Limited Manufacturing (ML) zones located in the general vicinity of Shaw Road and East Pioneer in the City of Puyallup.
As part of the 2008 annual Comprehensive Plan amendments, formally adopted by City Council in 2009, the Shaw-East Pioneer Overlay Zone (SPO Zone) was created and codified in Chapter 20.46 of the Puyallup Municipal Code. The SPO Zone applies to property south of E. Pioneer near the E. Pioneer and Shaw Road intersection. An overlay zone supplements the underlying zoning standards by requiring additional performance standards such as setbacks, landscaping, building size and orientation, and design standards.   
There was a considerable amount of public comment as well as discussion by both the Planning Commission and the City Council regarding the creation of the SPO Zone. The Planning Commission and City Council considered the E. Pioneer/Shaw Road area as a “gateway” to the City and wanted to create additional performance standards to accomplish the following goals: 1) encourage quality development while still allowing flexibility and creativity; 2) create a walkable, safe, and pedestrian-friendly community; and 3) use low-impact development principles. Some of the performance standards intended to achieve these goals are, for example, no gas stations are allowed within 300 feet of the E. Pioneer/Shaw Road intersection and buildings must be oriented toward the roadway with a landscaped setback.
At the time the SPO Zone was adopted by City Council, the area commonly known as the “Van Lierop Annexation Area” had not yet been annexed into the City. The City Council, however, envisioned expansion of the SPO Zone into the Van Lierop Annexation Area upon such area being annexed by the City as provided in Puyallup Municipal Code Section 20.46.005:
  • “The SPO zone is intended to apply to those properties within the Shaw-East Pioneer neighborhood plan area.” 
  • “Consistent with the city’s zoning map, the SPO shall apply to specific parcels zoned business commercial and  general commercial on the south side of East Pioneer in the vicinity of Shaw Road, until the SPO is expanded to address areas on the north side of East Pioneer upon annexation of said areas.”
This moratorium would temporarily prohibit any new development from occurring in all commercial, manufacturing, and mixed use zones within the Van Lierop Annexation Area to allow the City to consider whether the SPO Zone should extend into the Van Lierop Annexation Area as originally intended.
As required by state law, if the moratorium is adopted by City Council, a public hearing must be held within sixty (60) days of adoption. If Council approves the moratorium and after a public hearing is held, City staff will seek general direction from City Council as to whether 1) the SPO Zone should extend into the Van Lierop Annexation Area; 2) if yes, what zoning designations should apply to it; and 3) what additional types of performance standards (e.g. setbacks, landscaping, building size and orientation, etc.) should be considered to supplement the underlying zoning standards. Based on Council direction, staff would draft proposed zoning code amendments for review by the City’s Planning Commission and then return to Council for final review and potential adoption.
Previous Actions (Discussions/Presentations)
Council approved Ord. 2928 on March 10, 2009, creating the Shaw-East Pioneer zoning overlay.

Council approved first reading of the moratorium ordinance on January 7, 2014.
Summary of Proposal
If adopted, this ordinance imposes a four-month moratorium on accepting or processing land use or building applications or plans in the CG, CMX, and ML zones in the general vicinity of E. Pioneer and Shaw Road. 
If the ordinance is approved by Council on second reading, the ordinance and moratorium will take effect **five days after publication occurs**??

Fiscal Impact
Exhibit A - Map
Exhibit B - Parcel Numbers

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