2016 Sidewalk Links

2016 Sidewalk Link & Repairs

The 2016 Capital Budget for our Street Department including funding for sidewalk link and repairs. The Public Works Street Department analyzed existing gaps in the sidewalk network around the City and evaluated citizen complaints about existing gaps and areas in need of repair to propose a prioritization list for Council consideration
Sidewalk Link Locations

With Council approval, the following sidewalk gap locations were identified for construction in the 2016 Sidewalk Link & Repair project:

  1. 7th Ave SE - north sidewalk between 13th and 14th Street SE
  2. 5th Ave SE - north and south sidewalks between 14th and 15th Street SE
  3. 7th Street SE - north of 27th Ave SE to close gap

Of the existing locations identified for sidewalk repair in the City, a prioritized list of over 80 locations was compiled. The repairs will be completed on a cost-available basis as part of the contract work.

  1. Joy Rodriguez

    Associate Stormwater Engineer
    Phone: 253-841-5549

Project Status

12/22/016 - Design has progressed based on coordination and discussions with adjacent property owners to lessen the impact to landscapes and other features extending into the right of way.
 08/16/2016 - Design work has begun. Location #3 (left) will be evaluated for full construction in 2016, or phased construction over multiple years based on the scope.
06/07/2016 - Council consideration of proposed link locations. Design will begin in early June with construction anticipated to begin in September 2016.