Meeting & Study Rooms

Room Availability

The meeting rooms of the Puyallup Public Library are available at no charge, during library open hours, except as noted in the Library Meeting Room Policy for non-profit community groups, including civic, charitable, educational, religious and other public service groups, when not in use for Library purposes. Rooms can be booked up to six months in advance and will only be booked to adults. Youth groups may use the rooms if a responsible adult is present at all times.

Download our Library Meeting Room Policy (PDF).


Our meeting room reservation system allows you to view our schedule and submit your requests for meeting and study rooms. Email us with questions or you can submit an application by one of the following options:

Hearing Devices and Meeting Rooms

The Library has two different devices for people who are hearing impaired and are using the Library Meeting Rooms. For people who don't have a hearing aid, the Library offers a PPA Select R37 Receiver with earbud.

Further Assistance

For people who already have a hearing aid and need further assistance, the Library offers a Neckloop Telecoil Coupler. These devices are compatible with the South Meeting Room or combined use of the North and South Meeting Room. To use either device, patrons must check them out with a Puyallup Public Library card.
Reading and Bookshelves