Learn About

  1. City Government

    Get information about the functions of Puyallup's government.

  2. City Parks

    Get information regarding the parks maintained by the City of Puyallup.

  3. Comprehensive Plan

    The Comprehensive Plan sets the vision for the future and determines what the city will be like 20 years from now.

  4. Domestic Violence Help

    Domestic violence is about power and control. Batterers use the power they have to establish control within an intimate relationship. They use a pattern of behaviors to intimidate, manipulate and physically violate their partners. Learn how to identify the pattern and seek help.

  5. Keeping Our Waterways Clean

    Stormwater Management is part of Puyallup's Public Works Engineering Division, managing the City's NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit, implementing stormwater-related capital projects, and providing technical assistance to other city departments.

  6. Major City Projects

    The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project list for the city's utilities and streets contains over 230 projects with an estimated construction cost of several hundred million dollars.

  7. Parking & Event Parking

    Downtown Puyallup has several public lots to choose from while you visit, shop, dine, or work.

  8. Sanitary Landfill Rate Change

    Find helpful information in regards to your utility billing.

  9. Solar Demonstration Project

    The Solar Demonstration Project is part of the Sustainable Puyallup Initiative which, though the city's example, encourages energy conservation, proper recycling practices, pollution control and water / waste reduction conservation practices.