District 2 - Cynthia Jacobsen

Cynthia Jacobsen is serving her first term on the Puyallup Council. She was elected in 2017 for the 2018 -2021 term.

Personal Information

Cynthia and her husband Doug have lived in Puyallup for over 30 years. They raised seven children in District 2 and now enjoy grandchildren who are also Puyallup residents. Cynthia brings a variety of experience to the table. She has served as an accountant in the private sector, a real-estate entrepreneur, a home-school parent, and a community college math teacher. Her volunteer experience includes serving as a treasurer and board member for several faith-based & parent groups and as a homeowner’s association president.


Cynthia holds a Master’s degree in Professional Accountancy from Central Washington University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Accounting from Western Washington University.


Puyallup is a beautiful place to live and work. In order to preserve this, Cynthia believes in a strong local government whose top priorities are public safety and infrastructure maintenance. She believes it is the duty of elected leaders to respect individual rights, keep taxes as low as possible, and provide a sensible regulatory environment that protects our environment but does not unnecessarily hamper economic development. She believes in the power of the free market and values our Puyallup businesses. Cynthia hopes to bring frugality, common sense, and a collaborative spirit to council decision-making.

Committee Assignments

Councilmember Jacobsen serves on the Community Grants committee and is also Puyallup's assigned delegate to the Pierce County Regional Council.


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