Planning Commission Public Hearings

The Puyallup Planning Commission conducted a Public Hearing to consider 2 items: proposed amendments to the City’s Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan, and miscellaneous Code Amendments. The Planning Commission has been reviewing each of these items since September, 2015, and has held a number of meetings reviewing the proposed amendments, and on February 24, 2016, they accepted public comment on these items, and made a recommendation on each item to forward on to the City Council.

City Initiated Amendments

  • P-16-0003 Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan: The Planning Commission passed the Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan with a vote of 3-1, with 1 abstention.
  • P-16-0009 Code Amendments: Titles 19, 20 and 21: The Planning Commission passed the Municipal Code Amendments with a vote of 5-0.