Planning Commission Public Hearings

Public Hearing: Zoning Changes (Private Schools & Public Facilities)


Final Recommendation to City Council: No Change to Zoning Laws governing private or public schools.
City Council's Decision: Make no changes to the zoning code for now
The Puyallup Planning Commission conducted a Public Hearing to consider proposed amendments to the City’s municipal code and Comprehensive Plan concerning Public Facilities, which governs the siting and development of schools, fire stations, governmental service buildings, and other public facilities. The Planning Commission was considering several strategies for allowing private schools to be placed in the same zone as public schools, the Public Facilities Zone (PF). Since the PF zone in intended only for publically owned parcels changes would have to be made to the code to allow a privately owned parcel like a private school to be zoned PF. The commission considered two options to make this change (depicted below).

                        Options Diagram

Public Comments
Public comments where submitted to the Planning commission from several major private schools in Puyallup. Some private schools were in favor of Option 1 to simply allow private schools in the PF zone rather than making an entirely new zone as proposed in Option 2. All Saints, a catholic private school in Puyallup, raised concerns about that fact that churches are not permitted in the PF zone. Since their private school is also a church, this would mean that the church would eventually have to be phased out of the school if the facility was zoned PF. The planning commission discussed adding churches as an allowed use in the PF zone, but this was not ultimately added. The planning commission ultimately recommended to City Council to make no changes to the zoning of private or public schools.

City Initiated Code and Comp Plan Amendment

P-17-0014             Private Schools and Public Facilities

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