Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for transportation review of new developments, traffic signal operations, review of signage and striping, traffic counts, and neighborhood traffic calming programs.

Traffic & Park Impact Fees

Cities and counties are required to prepare capital facility, utility, and transportation elements that identify, provide for, and help finance the public facilities and services needed to encourage business retention and future economic growth. Impact fees were approved by the Washington State Legislature as part of the Growth Management Act of 1990.

In 2006 the City of Puyallup adopted, by ordinance, that new growth and development pay a proportionate share of the cost of new facilities needed to serve new growth and development.

The Traffic Impact Fee schedule for streets shall be calculated using the formula contained within the Rate Study for Impact Fees for Roads (PDF) prepared by Henderson, Young and Company, dated November 8, 2007, and shall be assessed at $4,500 per p.m. peak hour trip.

The Park Impact Fee is hereby established based upon the Parks Impact Fee Study (PDF) prepared by Financial Consulting Solutions Group, Inc., and dated August 25, 2005, and shall be $2,300 as a uniform fee for all residential units.

Comprehensive Plan - Transportation Element

The purpose of the Transportation Element (PDF) is to guide improvement and expansion of the transportation system to meet the demands generated by future growth to the year 2020. A multi-modal approach is envisioned focusing on walkway, bikeway, and transit systems in addition to roadways.

The Transportation Element is comprised of 3 primary components:
  1. The roadway section which establishes a framework for future roadway improvements and levels of service
  2. The transit section which discusses expanding transit services to meet the needs of current and future residents
  3. The non-motorized section which establishes a framework for pedestrian and bicycle facilities within the community

6 Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Each of the cities and counties in the state of Washington are required to update their 6 Year TIP every year. The TIP identifies current transportation system needs. Projects in future years are identified based on projected growth, as identified in the Puyallup Comprehensive Plan.