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Thank You Puyallup Jr. Viking Cheerleaders

They did their part to protect our local streams from car wash water, soap, oil and other pollutants. Thank you Puyallup Jr. Viking Cheerleaders.

Holding a Charity Fund-Raising Car Wash Event?

While fund-raising car washes are a great idea, think of the extra attention your organization could get by promoting an environmentally-sound, fish-friendly car wash.

Fish-Friendly Car Wash Kits are available for free check-out from the City of Puyallup. The kits use a stormwater drain insert and pump to send the dirty car wash water to the sewer system or direct it to a grassy area to filter into the ground, instead of the stormwater drains. Come to the Utility Billing counter on the 3rd floor of City Hall to pick up an application (PDF). For more information about the Fish-Friendly Car Wash Kits send us an email or call us at 253-770-3364.
Want to buy one for your organization? While we don't sell them, we can direct you to the company ours were purchased from: Bowhead Environmental and Safety. The City does not endorse, promote, or otherwise recommend this company over any others - this information is provided for your convenience.
Fish Friendly Car Wash

Fish-Friendly Alternatives

Here are some extra tips and ideas for your charity car wash event:
  • Sell Car Wash Coupons - Nonprofit groups may purchase discounted coupons for commercial car washes from the Puget Sound Car Wash Association for a nominal price. Your group can then sell the coupons for up to $8 each and keep the difference. More than 50 commercial car washes participate in this program.
  • Rent a Bay From a Local Self Service Car Wash for the Day - Now you have a place to wash, with the polluted water running to the sewer drains, not the stormwater drains. Sewer lines transfer the water to treatment facilities - keeping the oil, grime and soap out of our water ways.
  1. Joy Rodriguez

    Associate Stormwater Engineer