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The City of Puyallup is placing a bond measure to fund a new Public Safety Building and will appear in the November 2021 ballot. The bond is for $82.7 million, and would cost the average median household approximately $20 per month. The new building would be a modern facility and house the Police, Jail, and the Municipal Court all under one roof. Currently, most of these departments are in separate facilities, many of which are unsecure locations. In addition to the new facility, the bond would also fund a police substation located in downtown Puyallup. The substation would be located inside City Hall on the first floor, allowing residents of downtown access to Police services.

Other features of the new building include space for all police officers and safer court rooms. Additionally, the new jail would have adequate room to separate inmates plus space for rehabilitative services such as mental health, medical, and counseling services.

The new building would be located at 600 39th Ave SE next to Central Pierce Fire & Rescue Station 72.

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In 1968, the current Public Safety Building was established in downtown at 311 W Pioneer Avenue. At the time, Puyallup’s population was roughly 14,000. The facility was built based on the City's population size and level of law enforcement service needs at the time, which was approximately 23 police staff. The Jail was built attached to the facility and was designed to hold 21 inmates.

In this 50-year time frame, Puyallup’s population has grown to over 43,000. To meet the demands of this increase in population, the Police Department has grown to staff 68 police officers and approximately 95 total employees. The Jail now holds 52 inmates and is overcrowded. This has created issues with officers performing their duties due to overcrowded and inadequate workspace. Storage for evidence and equipment is at capacity due to the lack of space available in the current building. As a result, property and evidence storage is spread across four separate facilities within the City, creating inefficiencies for the department. Additionally, the age of the building has resulted in an increased need for constant repairs and maintenance.

In 2017, the City hired MacKenzie consulting to conduct research and provide a feasibility study for a new building. In July 2019, a report was prepared and presented to City Council, with their recommendations. The Feasibility Report can be reviewed in the Documents section of this page.

The Report proposed multiple options for a new Public Safety Building. City Council expressed interest in the 39th Ave SE option. However, they were concerned about the building costs, which was nearly $120 million. Council directed staff and the consultant to go back and research a new, lower cost option for the location. But in 2020, due to the pandemic, the project was delayed.

In 2021, the project was re-evaluated by staff and City Council, and a new cost estimate of $82.7 million was determined. The City hired consulting firm Elway Research, Inc. to conduct a public poll about a new Public Safety Building in March 2021. A total of 250 households were interviewed by phone and online, and a report was created and presented in April 2021. To view the report, please visit our Documents section.

In July 2021, the Puyallup City Council voted and approved an ordinance that would authorize a bond measure for the Public Safety Building to appear on the November 2021 ballot.  


This information is being published for educational purposes only. It is intended to educate residents about the project and to help them make an informed decision. This webpage is not an endorsement by the City of Puyallup and Puyallup Police Department.