New Hope Resource Center Homeless Day Shelter

September 2018 Update

After the City of Puyallup required certain mitigation conditions pertaining to the operations of the New Hope Resource Center pursuant to the City's significant impact business license ordinance, New Hope contested the mitigation conditions in an appeal before a hearing examiner.  After lengthy proceedings, the hearing examiner returned a decision on September 24, 2018, and therein affirmed the mitigation conditions, with exceptions.

October 2017 Update

This appeal is now anticipated to be scheduled sometime during the first quarter of 2018.

September 2017 Update

This appeal is scheduled to be heard by the City’s hearing examiner on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.


e 2017 Update

This matter continues to proceed. On March 14, 2017, the City issued its Final Determination of Significant Impact Business License Mitigation Conditions for the New Hope Resource Center. In response, New Hope filed a Notice of Appeal of Administrative Decision on March 24th. According to Puyallup Municipal Code, this appeal is to be heard by the City’s hearing examiner.

This hearing has not yet occurred primarily because the City is in the process of preparing and assembling a comprehensive record of related City proceedings. For example, this matter involved extensive public comment (hours and hours, spanning a number of years), which must be transcribed. The City has hired a court reporter to perform the transcription. Once the record has been fully completed and assembled, the hearing can then be scheduled--likely in late July or early August.

Next Steps

City administrative staff have prepared 
preliminary (or draft) business license mitigation conditionsA public meeting was held on September 26th to take comments on the draft conditions.

Significant Impact Business License Needed

In accordance with requirements related to its designation as a business which has or may have significant impacts on the community (see Ordinance No. 3110, adopted on 4/05/16), the New Hope Resource Center, a drop-in daytime homeless shelter located at 414 Spring Street, hosted a neighborhood meeting on August 4, 2016 to share information about the services it provides and collect public comments about its operations and impacts. 

Following the neighborhood meeting on August 4th, New Hope provided its impact checklist to the City on August 19th as required. City administrative staff then prepared draft business license mitigation conditions for public review and comment.


On March 15, 2016, the City red-tagged the New Hope Resource Center due to a building code and permit enforcement action. After submitting required permits and completing all structural work necessary to obtain a certificate of occupancy, New Hope reopened on May 16th.

During the time in which New Hope was closed, several questions were raised regarding its building permits and 2014 Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). In the interest of answering these questions, three memorandums are provided below, as follows:

1. Memorandum dated October 15, 2014 from Management Analyst Melanie Harding responding to questions raised by the City Council regarding the proposed new drop-in daytime homeless shelter;

2. Memorandum dated April 17, 2016 from Development Services Director Tom Utterback outlining the permit background for the center and explaining the City’s use of TCOs; and

3. Memorandum dated May 13, 2016 from Development Services Director Tom Utterback documenting the chronology of permits at the center and stating the director’s findings and conclusions with respect to that chronology.

Additional questions posed subsequent to the release of the May 13th memo are answered in the FAQs.

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