9th Ave SW, Meridian to 5th St.

Project Update for December 2019:
The first phase of construction has been completed.  A portion of the deficient storm and sewer lines have been replaced and the road has been put back into a temporary yet drive-able condition.  The City will be continuing with upgrades to the storm lines to the west and the completion of the road/pedestrian friendly promenade construction in 2020.  

The Fair is partnering with the City on this project and will be paying for a portion of the work.  In addition, we have submitted for a Grant to received funds from the Department of Ecology to pay for the permeable pavement portion of this project.     

​Project Background Information:
​The City is currently looking to replace a deficient storm and sewer line at 9th Avenue from Meridian to 5th and to work with the Fair to replace the roadway to create a roadway/promenade that will be able to infiltrate 100% of its stormwater into the ground.