Knutson Farms Industrial Park Development Proposal

A number of private development proposals are currently pending in the vicinity of Shaw Road and East Pioneer, both within and immediately outside of the city of Puyallup’s corporate limits. 

Of particular interest to those who live in Puyallup is the proposed development of an approximately 162-acre site which, although outside of Puyallup’s city limits, is within its Urban Growth Area (UGA). According to the State’s Growth Management Act, property located within a jurisdiction’s UGA is anticipated to someday be annexed into that jurisdiction. This proposal, for development of a warehouse/industrial park complex comprising approximately 2.6 million square feet, is sited in the vicinity of 6719 134th  Avenue East. This project was undergoing permit review in unincorporated Pierce County. SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT UPDATES.

Site Plan 2 Dec 2020
Site Plan Dec 2020
  1. January 2021 Update
  2. December 2020 Update
  3. November 2020 Update
  4. October 2020 Update
  5. February 2020 Update
  6. 2016-2019 Updates

January 28, 2021 Update: 

The city of Puyallup has released the EIS scoping report comment summary related to the Knutson Farms EIS project. See the Related Documents side bar for the formal reports. Please visit to sign up for email updates. The project is in the second phase of the project which will involve an in-depth, independent analysis of the project impacts, culminating later in 2021 (Fall) in the issuance of a Draft EIS report for further public review and comment.

For specific questions on the EIS, please contact city project manager Chris Beale (Senior Planner) at or (253) 841.5418 for more information.